Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Catchin' You All Up

The cutest Halloween Monkey ever!

Brielle has great aspirations already.
She enjoyed herself at the airshow.

Our Pumpkin Patch Visit
She's telling off the pumpkins.

She Pooped a Pumpkin!

McKay got sworn in
for the 2nd time!
Brielle's famous
ooooooooooooooo face!
Our August beach
camping trip

The perfect little tub
(trailers are so great!)

McKay felt proud the day his
truck beat the Pismo Dunes.
What a nerd ;)


TheKeilShpeel said...

Love it. We need to come see you guys sometiem

Erika said...

Oh man. This is too amazing. Your family looks like the sweetest, most beautiful, wonderful family. I guess I wouldn't have pictured anything else.
Brooke, I'm so happy you made this site. I am officially part of your online extended family now, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of you, your husband, and your gorgeous little girl.