Sunday, June 7, 2009

Recent Favorites

Spoon Fetish/ Crazy New Straightjacket

Baby on my doorstep/ Brielle's First Easter

Irresistable/ Butter them rolls

Fountain of Youth

Twix Bar

So McKay and I have been working pretty hard in our backyard. Since we adopted out our big dog Abby, we can finally dream about a backyard full of friends and BBQ's. Usually only one of us is working on the backyard at a time because our work schedules collide. So on my day off I was trying to get stuff done and Brielle wasn't content. In my genius mind I gave her a WRAPPED Twix bar. I never thought she would get it open. The pictures tell the end of my story. Boy did she enjoy.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Our little camper

Our Beautiful little girl is now almost 7 Months old!!! Holy cow it goes too fast! She had her first camping trip a few weeks ago. It was really windy so we hung out in a camping trailer for most of it.... but I think she still enjoyed her short moments in the great outdoors. We are doing well and really enjoying our little family! We send our Love to everyone!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Extra's

A Few Recently Added Favorites!

Ready For Bath Time!

Hungry and Waiting

Just Chillin'

Oh, Hey Dad....

Happy Birthday Leah!

It was Leah's Birthday on the 19th! She is now out of the teens and beginning her 20's! We threw her a little surprise party at our home! McKay really wanted to make a homemade pinnata; So with Leah in mind he set out to make a grand piano. Not too shabby! It was a lot of fun getting to celebrate with her and some friends. We love that girl!

Winter Wonderland

So people have been getting on my case about not posting any new pics of our little Brielle lately. I finally sat down to do it and we have some really cute ones! We had some awesome rainy days recently and rain here means snow in Walkers Pass. So on one of my days off, McKay and I decided to go up to the snow with Brielle. She did so good. We tried to let her eat just a little bit of snow but she hates cold things in her mouth. :) We tried to take some snow home with us by shoveling it into the back of McKay's truck, but by the time we got home it had practically melted away. It was a fun day!